Pakistani Boeing 777 aircraft has been released by the Malaysian Government and safely returned to Islamabad

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) successfully resolved the issue surrounding its Boeing 777 aircraft, which had been detained by Malaysian authorities in Kuala Lumpur. According to a spokesperson from PIA, the aircraft was released a few hours later and arrived in Islamabad late on Monday night. The resolution was achieved through diplomatic channels.

The incident unfolded when PIA flight PK-894 was brought to a halt in Kuala Lumpur due to a court order imposing a stay on the aircraft. The stay was linked to a lease dispute raised by a foreign company. The PIA spokesperson clarified that the Boeing 777 aircraft is owned by PIA, and the leasing company had obtained the stay by presenting inaccurate information to the Malaysian court.

As reported by The News, the leasing company falsely claimed that PIA owed them $4.5 billion, while the actual amount owed was $1.8 billion, which had already been settled by PIA. The spokesperson emphasized that cases involving the grounding of an aircraft and monetary demands are unprecedented, particularly since both the leasing company and PIA are not local entities in Malaysia.

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