Pakistan Stock Exchange Crushed by Over 1300 Points Due to Political Instability

Recently, PSX (Pakistan Stocks Exchange) dropped to 30-month low as Pakistan’s extremely disruptive political situation freaked economy-wary investors into moving towards the exits, which results in enormous losses, traders stated.

The benchmark of Pakistan’s capital market, lost around 1,378.54 points or 3.47% closed at 38,342.21 points, KSE shares index.

Analysts states that the dissolution of the Punjab Assembly and the current country crisis due to continuous demand from PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf ) for snap polls overreacted the market into ruthless selloff.

Moreover, the delay in the renew of IMF (International Monetary Fund) loan programme and the currently political instability in Pakistan results the bloodletting in the stock market.

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