India won’t go to Pakistan for the Champions Trophy in 2025

India’s participation in the upcoming ICC Champions Trophy, slated to be held in Pakistan, remains uncertain. Speculation abounds that the tournament might relocate or adopt a combination of venues.

Should the Champions Trophy proceed in Pakistan, it would signify a significant milestone for Pakistani cricket, marking their first hosting of a major international tournament since the 1996 World Cup. Pakistan’s cricket stadiums are undergoing upgrades in anticipation of the event.

Mohsin Naqvi, Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), has expressed openness to arranging a series with India if India also participates in the Champions Trophy in Pakistan. However, India has reiterated its disinterest in engaging in a series against Pakistan and may even abstain from sending a team to the ICC event next year.

A source commented, “Do not entertain the idea of a series between India and Pakistan… There’s considerable doubt about India’s willingness to come to Pakistan for the Champions Trophy. There’s discussion about relocating the venue, and they are contemplating a mix of venues.” The source further noted that the Indian cricket board would require government approval for the team to travel to Pakistan, given the current state of relations between the two countries.

Despite the ICC organizing the Champions Trophy, India’s participation hinges on the government’s decision. Given the prevailing circumstances, a series between India and Pakistan appears unlikely in the near future.

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