WhatsApp will soon introduce a feature for sharing files without needing internet access

The messaging platform WhatsApp, owned by Meta, is in the works on an innovative new feature aimed at simplifying file sharing even when users are offline. Recent leaks suggest that soon users will have the ability to share various file types such as photos, videos, music, and documents without an internet connection.

This upcoming feature is designed to facilitate file sharing without reliance on Wi-Fi or data connectivity. Security concerns are addressed as well – the files shared will be encrypted, ensuring their protection from unauthorized access.

Leaked screenshots from the latest test version of WhatsApp for Android provide insights into the permissions required for this feature. One notable aspect is its ability to detect nearby phones equipped with the offline file-sharing capability.

To enable this functionality on Android devices, WhatsApp requires permission to utilize Bluetooth for device discovery. However, users have the option to disable this feature if they prefer.

Prior to this development, WhatsApp introduced a feature allowing users to pin notes for easy access. It seems that WhatsApp is continuously innovating to enhance the chatting experience with its users!

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