Pakistan Navy saves eight Iranian fishermen

As per reports from the military’s media wing, the Pakistan Navy recently executed a successful rescue operation at sea.

When a boat carrying eight Iranian fishermen caught fire while at sea, a Pakistan Navy warship, PNS Yarmook, promptly intervened. The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) stated that upon receiving a distress call from the fishermen’s vessel, PNS Yarmook swiftly responded.

Arriving at the scene in time, the warship successfully rescued all eight fishermen from the burning boat. Moreover, the Pakistan Navy utilized its advanced equipment to extinguish the flames, ensuring the safety of the fishermen and preventing further escalation of the situation.

The ISPR lauded the Pakistan Navy for its rapid and efficient response to the maritime emergency. This successful rescue operation underscores the Navy’s capabilities and preparedness to tackle challenges at sea.

This incident underscores the significance of maintaining a well-equipped and responsive naval force capable of promptly addressing emergencies at sea and safeguarding the lives of seafarers in the region.

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