HEC establishes an advanced data center at NED University

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) in Pakistan has unveiled plans for the establishment of a cutting-edge Data Centre at NED University in Karachi, a strategic move aimed at elevating data accessibility and garnering international recognition.

Having obtained the “Design Document Certification” from the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) 942, a globally acknowledged benchmark for data center design, the Data Centre now holds the prestigious ‘Rated3’ certification. This designation ensures adherence to high standards in quality, reliability, scalability, security, and operational efficiency.

The envisioned Data Centre is poised to offer state-of-the-art technologies catering to cloud computing and High-Performance Computing (HPC), aligning with the dynamic requirements of academic research. Furthermore, it is expected to facilitate collaborative opportunities for research and development.

This initiative serves as a testament to HEC’s dedication to advancing technological infrastructure in higher education and fostering collaborative initiatives to propel the academic landscape forward.

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