A $4 check from Steve Jobs in 1976 sells for over $36,000 at an auction

A momentous artifact from the tech world recently created ripples in the auction circuit, as a $4 cheque penned by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in 1976 garnered an impressive $36,850 at RR Auction in Boston. This cheque, originating from an “Apple Computer Company” account, bears Jobs’ distinctive signature, contributing to the escalating market demand for his autographs and memorabilia.

This trend is not an anomaly; previous auctions have witnessed Jobs’ autographs reaching substantial prices, with a $9.18 cheque from 1976 fetching $55,000 the preceding year. The fascination with possessing a fragment of the visionary’s early financial transactions continues to captivate collectors and tech enthusiasts alike.

Beyond cheques, a myriad of items associated with Jobs has become coveted treasures in the collector’s market. Notably, a job application and business cards linked to the iconic entrepreneur have commanded high prices, underscoring the enduring allure of Steve Jobs and the profound impact he had on the technology industry. These auctions represent not just a financial investment but also a testament to Jobs’ lasting legacy and the cultural significance of Apple’s formative years.

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