Cyclone in the Arabian Sea that has the potential to impact Karachi, according to reports

The meteorological department has issued a warning for Karachi regarding a cyclone that could potentially hit the city within the next 24 hours. A low-pressure area has formed over the Arabian Sea, which has the potential to generate cyclonic circulations. However, no specific areas are currently under threat.

Dr. Sardar Sarfraz, the Chief Meteorological Officer, has reported the formation of a low-pressure area above the Southeast Arabian Sea, located at approximately longitude 66.0 E and latitude 11.0 N. The cyclone could potentially originate about 1,550 km south or southwest of Karachi.

The meteorological office is closely monitoring the situation, and as of now, no coastal areas have been issued warnings of immediate threat. Furthermore, favorable meteorological conditions could lead to the formation of a depression that would move in a northwest direction.

In the event that the low-pressure area develops into a cyclonic storm, it would be named Cyclone Biparjoy, as designated by Bangladesh.

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