Wheat prices in Punjab have dropped sharply

Wheat prices in Punjab are dropping, and farmers are struggling without help from the Food Department. This shows big problems in farming, like not enough government support, higher costs, and unpredictable weather from climate change.

The government’s minimum support price (MSP) for wheat doesn’t match what farmers actually get paid. They end up selling for much less, hurting their incomes and trust in government policies. Also, the Food Department isn’t buying wheat from farmers quickly, so they have to sell to private buyers for less money, making things worse.

Farmers are also hit by rising costs for things like fertilizers and fuel. They can’t make enough money to cover these costs, putting their farms and incomes at risk.

Climate change makes things even harder with unpredictable weather damaging crops. Recent storms have wrecked wheat fields, causing more losses for farmers.

Farmers are angry and protesting the government’s lack of action. They’re demanding better policies and support.

The government is finally trying to help by buying wheat and giving subsidies, but it might be too little, too late considering the bigger problems farmers face.

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