A Chinese company now offers “Sad Leave” for its workers

A Chinese company has introduced a unique policy to tackle employee burnout and dissatisfaction. Employees at Pang Dong Lai, a major retail company, can now take up to 10 extra days off when they’re feeling overwhelmed or unhappy. This leave is separate from their regular annual leave and weekends.

Founder Yu Donglai announced the policy, emphasizing that employees’ well-being comes first. Management must approve leave requests, and denying them goes against the policy. Donglai believes a healthy work-life balance is vital, prioritizing employees’ health over company growth.

A 2021 survey showed over 65% of Chinese employees felt tired or unhappy at work, prompting this change. It aims to give employees the freedom to recharge when needed.

This policy marks a progressive move towards a more caring workplace, valuing mental health and productivity. The company hopes it will foster a happier and more productive work culture.

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