WhatsApp to stop unlimited Google Drive backup for Android

WhatsApp’s decision to discontinue its “unlimited storage” option for chat backups marks a strategic shift towards standardizing their backup system across platforms. Initially observed in the WhatsApp Business beta for Android, this change is anticipated to impact regular users in the near future.

Previously, WhatsApp allowed users to back up their chats and media without any storage limitations, offering convenience but potentially straining cloud storage systems. The upcoming modification means Android users will need to fit their backups within the 15GB cap of their Google accounts or explore additional storage subscriptions such as Google One.

This adjustment may present challenges for users accustomed to unlimited backups, especially those with extensive chat histories and media files. They will now have to manage their backups within the constrained space or opt for higher storage plans.

WhatsApp’s decision appears to be geared towards streamlining backup protocols across platforms and harmonizing with storage constraints prevalent on iOS devices. While this change may inconvenience some users, it reflects a push towards a more standardized and sustainable approach to data storage, likely seeking improved resource management while still addressing users’ needs within specified limits. Users may need to adapt their backup habits and storage management strategies to accommodate this impending alteration in WhatsApp’s backup policy.

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