Bilawal encourages people to consider new options in the upcoming elections

On Thursday, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari urged the public to consider a fresh perspective in the upcoming February 8 general election instead of opting for the same prime minister for the “second or 14th time.” Speaking at a PPP workers’ convention in Abbottabad, he emphasized the need for embracing “new politics” to modernize Pakistan, suggesting that it was time for seasoned politicians to step aside. Bhutto-Zardari criticized “old politics” conducted behind closed doors, labeling it as the country’s major impediment and stressing that Pakistan’s progress depends on respecting the public’s vote.

Highlighting the importance of serving the public with the right intention, ideology, manifesto, and will, he expressed his desire to become the people’s favorite. Reflecting on his tenure as the foreign minister, Bhutto-Zardari asserted that young leaders could deliver when given the opportunity. Pledging not to disappoint if given a chance, he emphasized his commitment to serving the people tirelessly.

Addressing the demographic landscape, Bhutto-Zardari noted that 70% of Pakistan’s population comprised individuals under the age of 30. He prompted a consideration of whether to continue supporting septuagenarians or entrust the future to a party like the PPP, which prioritizes forward-thinking. If given another opportunity, he assured an increase in allocations for the Benazir Income Support Programme and the introduction of new social welfare initiatives.

In conclusion, Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari affirmed his unwavering belief in his political ideology and manifesto, asserting his independence from external influences. He expressed a firm rejection of “old politics,” attributing its detrimental impact on the country in 2018 and vowing not to accept its resurgence.

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