UAE Reduces Work and Residency Visa Processing Time to 5 Days

The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has launched a major initiative to significantly reduce processing times for work permits and residency visas. Previously taking 30 days, the processing time has been slashed to just five days, according to Khaleej Times.

Moreover, the timeframe for submitting necessary documents has been reduced from 16 days to five days. To facilitate this streamlined process, the UAE government has introduced a new platform named “Work Bundle.” This platform aims to simplify the hiring process for business owners and private companies, as well as facilitate visa renewals for existing employees.

Work Bundle is a key component of the broader Zero Government Bureaucracy Programme, which aims to offer a unified platform to simplify application procedures for employers. It is anticipated that the platform will save approximately 62 million working hours at government offices and reduce the need for 25 million office visits.

The Work Bundle platform was launched in March and is being rolled out in three phases. Initially available to companies in Dubai, it will progressively extend its coverage across all seven emirates in the second phase, encompassing around 600,000 companies and over seven million workers. The third phase will extend its services to domestic workers.

Currently accessible via its website,, the Work Bundle platform will soon release a mobile app to enhance accessibility.

This initiative underscores the UAE government’s dedication to enhancing efficiency, reducing bureaucratic obstacles, and facilitating easier recruitment and retention of employees. It promises to significantly minimize administrative burdens for businesses while enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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