Transporters Increase Fares in Response to Rising Fuel Costs

In response to the recent surge in fuel costs, local transport operators in Karachi have escalated their tariffs by as much as 20 percent, bypassing formal authorization from regulatory bodies. The fare adjustments apply to various routes connecting Karachi with Hyderabad, Larkana, and Sukkur, as well as to intra-city buses and coaches.

Simultaneously, the federal government markedly elevated the prices of petrol and high-speed diesel during their recent review. Presently, petrol stands at Rs272.95 per liter, while high-speed diesel is pegged at Rs273.40 per liter. The Finance Minister justified the fuel price upswing as a necessary step to fulfill commitments made to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which included the imposition of the petroleum development levy (PDL).

Despite the government’s fuel price revision, local transport operators autonomously opted to raise their fares without awaiting official endorsement. This development has sparked concerns among commuters, who now find themselves burdened with escalated transportation expenses without the benefit of formal oversight or regulation on the fare adjustment.

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