Chinese President assures unwavering support for Pakistan despite shifting global dynamics

During a celebration event for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in Islamabad, Chinese President Xi Jinping assured Pakistan of steadfast support, reaffirming that China’s allegiance remains unchanged despite global shifts. Chinese Vice Premier He Lifeng was also present during his visit to Pakistan.

President Xi underscored the significance of the enduring friendship between China and Pakistan, emphasizing their mutual commitment to comprehensive planning and expanded collaboration. CPEC, an integral component of the Belt and Road initiative, is set to advance as a benchmark project for high-quality cooperation within this framework.

Since its inception in 2013, CPEC has achieved substantial progress, catalyzing Pakistan’s economic and social advancement while augmenting regional connectivity. President Xi lauded this progress as a testament to the robust camaraderie between the two nations and their joint endeavors toward a shared, improved future.

President Xi stressed the ongoing collaboration between China and Pakistan, aiming to fortify their strategic partnership. Their collective efforts will center on fostering development, security, and cooperation, thereby fostering enhanced peace and prosperity within the region.

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