Tragedy Strikes as Migrant Ship Sinks in Greece, Claiming the Lives of 298 Pakistani Nationals

In a devastating turn of events, a migrant ship carrying 310 Pakistani citizens and migrants from various nations, en route to Italy, has sunk in Greek waters. The overcrowded vessel met a tragic fate, resulting in the loss of 298 precious lives.

As the search operation enters its fourth day, authorities continue their efforts to locate survivors. The Pakistan embassy in Greece has confirmed that 12 Pakistani individuals have been rescued so far, while the remains of 78 victims have been recovered. In order to identify the recovered bodies, the embassy has requested DNA test reports from concerned families in Pakistan.

Notably, a significant number of the Pakistani nationals affected by this incident are believed to be from Kashmir, as per available sources.

Estimates regarding the total number of people on board the ill-fated boat vary, with the European Rescue Support reporting around 750 individuals, while the U.N. International Organization for Migration suggesting the possibility of 400 people. This tragic incident ranks among one of the deadliest shipwrecks in recent times, claiming numerous innocent lives.

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