Good News! Now, anyone with a visa can perform Umrah

Saudi Arabia has introduced new regulations for individuals seeking to undertake Umrah, the minor pilgrimage. The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has announced that Umrah is now accessible to anyone holding any type of visa.

According to the ministry, Umrah rituals are open to individuals with various visas, including personal, family, transit, labor, and e-visas. Regardless of the type of visa held, individuals are eligible to perform Umrah.

Those intending to perform Umrah are encouraged to utilize the Nusuk app to obtain a permit and adhere to the regulations set at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, the holiest site in Islam. The Nusuk app offers assistance in various aspects, such as accommodation arrangements, for Muslims planning to undertake Umrah and visit Medina, another significant site in Islam.

In recent months, Saudi Arabia has implemented measures to facilitate Umrah for Muslims from other countries. These measures include extending the validity of Umrah visas, allowing entry into Saudi Arabia by land, air, or sea, and abolishing the requirement for female pilgrims to have a male guardian. Residents of Gulf Cooperation Council countries and individuals holding visas from Schengen, US, and UK can now utilize the Nusuk app to schedule Umrah appointments prior to their arrival in Saudi Arabia.

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