KPK has appointed Sonia Shamrose as the first female Assistant Inspector General of Police

Sonia Shamroz, renowned as the sole Muslim woman to receive the International Association of Women Police Award, has once again etched her name in history. Her recent appointment as the Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) Establishment in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa marks her as the first woman to ascend to this position.

Hailing from Abbottabad district, Sonia Shamroz has traversed diverse roles, notably serving as DPO Chitral and DPO Battagram. Since joining the police force in 2013, she has held pivotal positions such as ASP and DPO across various districts.

Reflecting on her latest milestone, Sonia Shamroz underscored the significant responsibilities entrusted to female officers within the province. She highlighted the strides made towards gender equality in the police force, emphasizing the merit-based selection of individuals for roles, prioritizing skills and qualifications over personal affiliations.

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