Tourists are Stuck due to heavy snowfall in Murree, with 10 inches of snow.

Murree, a beloved tourist destination, is contending with the aftermath of heavy snowfall, accumulating over ten inches in the past 24 hours. Tourists find themselves stranded amidst challenges, as icy roads cause traffic jams, breakdowns, and congestion along the Murree Expressway.

Efforts by the National Highway Authority (NHA) and locals to clear the roads are ongoing, but progress is hindered by intermittent snowfall. The situation is exacerbated for tourists due to power outages and skyrocketing hotel prices.

According to the meteorological department, snowfall and rain are expected to persist, prompting the Relief Commissioner Punjab to coordinate efforts for effective road clearance. To streamline traffic, Islamabad authorities have restricted access to Murree within a 17-mile radius.

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