Sugar, Ghee, and Flour Prices Skyrocket as Government Slashes Store Subsidies

The government at the federal level has gradually decreased the subsidy provided to utility stores, impacting the general public.

Under the Benazir Income Support Program, the government has reduced the subsidy on utility stores, resulting in higher costs for essential items like sugar, ghee, and flour that were previously more affordable for program beneficiaries.

Despite the budget allocating an increased subsidy of 35 billion rupees compared to the previous 30 billion rupees for the Utility Stores Corporation (USC), it is surprising that prices tend to rise once government involvement decreases. This situation exacerbates the challenges faced by citizens, further compounded by shortages of goods at these utility stores.

The utility stores are grappling with shortages of various commodities, notably sugar, leading to citizens enduring long queues in search of affordable items that are now harder to come by.

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