Study suggests that spending time with your mom may increase her lifespan

Has it been a while since you last spent time with your mom? A study from 2012 suggests that you might want to invite her over for dinner soon.

Interestingly, spending quality time with her may contribute to an increase in her life expectancy. The study highlighted loneliness as a significant factor in the decline of the quality of life among older adults. This decline is associated with risks such as depression, cognitive impairment, and health issues like coronary artery disease, and it could potentially lead to an earlier death.

Conducted with 1,600 adults, averaging 71 years of age, the study revealed compelling findings. Participants who reported feeling lonely had a 23 percent mortality rate within six years, whereas only 14 percent of those enjoying companionship passed away during the same period.

The results, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, remained consistent even after accounting for health and socioeconomic status.

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