Special Team Formed to Investigate Attempt on PTI Leader Raoof Hasan’s Life

A three-member special investigation team (SIT) was formed on Wednesday under the senior superintendent of police (investigation) to investigate the attack on PTI Central Information Secretary Raoof Hasan.

The team was established by IGP Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi, according to the police department’s PRO.

Despite this, PTI expressed dissatisfaction with the government’s action and called for a judicial commission to identify and bring the true perpetrators to justice.

The police have collected seven to eight video clips of the attack from various sources, including a news TV channel, and sent them to the Federal Investigation Agency for forensic examination. The PRO mentioned that police had reviewed the footage, but the attackers’ faces were unclear.

Geo-fencing of the area is also being conducted to pinpoint and identify the suspects.

The Aabpara police registered a case under Sections 324, 109, and 34 of the PPC against the unidentified attackers, based on a complaint from Raoof Hasan.

According to the FIR, Mr. Hasan had appeared at GNN TV channel in G-7 around 5:30 pm on Tuesday. After recording the program, as he walked towards his vehicle, a person who seemed to be a eunuch approached him and attacked him as planned. Three others, two of whom appeared to be transgender, also attacked Mr. Hasan, attempting to kill him with a sharp-edged weapon targeting his neck.

Mr. Hasan sustained a severe cut on his face and began bleeding from a deep wound above the jugular vein, as stated in the FIR.

The attackers threatened to kill Mr. Hasan but fled when passersby gathered. Mr. Hasan stated he had no personal enmity with anyone.

This was the second such incident in recent days. According to the FIR, two days earlier, three to four transgender individuals attempted to attack Mr. Hasan outside a news channel office in Blue Area, but people present there intervened.

The FIR called for legal action against the attackers, the registration of a case for both incidents, and the provision of protection for Mr. Hasan.

‘Assassination attempt’

At a press conference, PTI Secretary General and Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Omar Ayub rejected the FIR and demanded a judicial commission to bring the true perpetrators to justice.

He described the incident as a well-planned assassination attempt, asserting that the attackers were not transgender but trained assassins.

Raoof Hasan, Azam Swati, and former Gilgit-Baltistan chief minister Khalid Khurshid were also present.

The opposition leader claimed that police had tampered with the FIR by omitting terrorism charges, despite Mr. Hasan’s statement mentioning the events as an act of terrorism.

“We categorically reject and condemn the forged FIR lodged by the Islamabad police. It is an attempt to undermine the integrity of the case,” he said.

He questioned who pressured the police to file an FIR that omitted the term terrorism, despite the clear assassination attempt. He reiterated the demand for an immediate judicial commission to hold the real culprits accountable.

He warned that if PTI leadership were targeted again, the party would stage peaceful protests nationwide, directly impacting Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz.

Omar Ayub also rejected the Punjab defamation law, accusing the government of attempting to silence dissenting voices.

Raoof Hasan recounted that the attackers repeatedly said, “We are after you.”

Azam Swati condemned the assassination attempt, recalling the mistreatment of Shahbaz Gill during custody, his (Swati’s) family, and other PTI members.

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