Sheikh Khaled inaugurates a Dh 1.1 billion housing project in Al Wathba

Abu Dhabi has recently revealed a significant housing project valued at $300 million, contributing to the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority’s comprehensive expenditure of $38 billion. The Al Wathba housing initiative, inaugurated by Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, introduces 347 new homes at a cost of AED 1.1 billion ($299.4 million).

Emphasizing its commitment to international standards and sustainable design, Sheikh Khaled highlighted the project’s goal of enhancing citizens’ well-being. Aligned with the Emirati Neighbourhood program, this initiative underscores the leadership’s dedication to providing high-quality housing for Emiratis, ensuring stability, growth, and the continuous development of the emirate.

Mohammed Ali Al Shorafa, Chairman of the Department of Municipalities and Transport and Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, emphasized the project’s pivotal role in ensuring citizens’ access to quality housing, actively supporting the Emirate’s ongoing development.

Covering an expansive 875,000 sq m, the Al Wathba housing project integrates community facilities, including four commercial complexes, 64 shops, 15 parks, and four mosques with a combined capacity for 1,725 people.

Following the inauguration, Sheikh Khaled witnessed the signing of a public-private partnership agreement aimed at developing community facilities within the project. Since its establishment, the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority has delivered over 39,000 residential plots, built 16,000 new homes, sanctioned 44,000 housing loans, and granted housing loan exemptions totaling AED 141 billion ($38.4 billion). This initiative underscores Abu Dhabi’s unwavering commitment to citizens’ well-being, creating secure living environments, and actively contributing to the emirate’s continual advancement.

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