Shahid Afridi Condemns Unrest and Political Turmoil: Stresses Importance of Army and Freedom

Shahid Khan Afridi, the esteemed former captain of the Pakistani cricket team, has recently addressed the concerning incidents of ridicule aimed at the country’s military and authorities, aiming to provide clarity and set the record straight. Afridi firmly believes that genuine freedom can only be comprehended when the armed forces are absent or have surrendered in the face of catastrophe.

In an interview with a local media outlet, Afridi made it clear that he refrains from using derogatory language when discussing politics, mindful of the media’s tendency to misconstrue statements and take them out of context.

He expressed his disappointment with the current state of political affairs, particularly when opposition parties fail to prioritize the nation’s betterment over their differences. Afridi lamented the desperate strategies employed by political factions to cling to power.

Having grown up in Pakistan himself, Afridi revealed his deep concern over the present situation, confessing his struggle to provide satisfactory answers or explanations to his own children. Drawing a comparison between external and internal adversaries, he highlighted the havoc wreaked by internal chaos. Afridi emphasized the significance of a strong military force capable of safeguarding the country, drawing attention to the plight of Kashmiris and Palestinians who lack the means to defend themselves.

Afridi not only condemned the violent protests that occurred on May 9 but also stressed the importance of acknowledging the sacrifices made by the Pakistan Army. Through his remarks, the former cricket captain shed light on the necessity of unity, respect, and appreciation for the military’s crucial role in protecting the nation.

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