Three PTI leaders resign from their party positions over 9 May Violence

Amid mounting distress over the May 9 tragedy, three additional PTI leaders have voiced their condemnation of the incident and announced their departure from Imran Khan’s party. Former Health Minister and central party leader, Amir Mahmood Kyani, revealed his decision to quit the party and retire from politics during a press conference, expressing unwavering loyalty to the military. Kyani, who had been associated with the PTI since 1996 and enjoyed a close relationship with Imran Khan, cited his inability to engage in politics that might implicate him in attacks against Pakistan. He expressed deep sorrow over the GHQ and corps commander’s house incidents and emphasized the current crisis faced by Pakistan. Recognizing the army’s vital role, Kyani pledged to serve the people in the realm of human rights rather than politics.

Joining the ranks of those disassociating from the party, Sanjay Gangwani, a Member of Sindh Assembly (MPA), and Karim Gabol, also declared their departure from PTI in protest against the assaults on military installations. Chairman Imran Khan warned of potential disintegration of the federation if rationality did not prevail in the ongoing crisis. He stated that concerted efforts were being made to impede his progress, delay elections, and violate the Constitution. Imran Khan attributed these actions to his party’s popularity and his own determination to expose corruption and recover billions of rupees stashed abroad through an ‘NRO’ (National Reconciliation Ordinance). He asserted that the ruling coalition was attempting to pit the largest party in the country against the institution of the Army, but he maintained his commitment to non-interference in institutional matters. Imran Khan concluded his address by expressing the possibility of his arrest and the uncertainty of addressing the nation again.

Furthermore, PTI Senator Waleed Iqbal clarified that although PTI workers were involved in the attack on Jinnah House, it was an individual act without any leadership involvement. He called for appropriate action against those responsible for attacking military installations, in accordance with the Army Act or any applicable law.

In another development, PTI ticket-holder Ibad Farooq from Lahore returned his party ticket from PP-148, alleging that Ejaz Chaudhry and Dr. Yasmin Rashid, PTI leaders, had instigated the attack on Jinnah House. However, there were conflicting reports from the PTI camp on social media, claiming that Ibad Farooq had retracted his statement and remained a member of the party.

Meanwhile, former PTI leader Faisal Vawda, speaking in Karachi, drew parallels between PTI and the MQM (Muttahida Qaumi Movement), predicting that PTI would experience a similar fate. Vawda labeled certain PTI leaders as self-interested and shameless snakes, asserting that they would condemn the May 9 mayhem and then turn against each other, mirroring the factional divisions seen within the MQM. He also made remarks about former spymaster Faiz Hameed, whom he considered among the shameless individuals.

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