Saudi Arabia plans to use flying taxis in AlUla and NEOM by 2026

Saudi Arabia is embarking on a transformative journey in transportation as part of its Vision 2030 development plan, with the objective of modernizing and achieving sustainable goals. A key initiative within this plan involves the introduction of flying taxis, slated to enter the market by 2026. These electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft are set to play a crucial role in major projects such as Neom, a visionary city designed to be car-free, relying on public transport and autonomous vehicles for mobility.

Neom, a pivotal component of Saudi Arabia’s modernization endeavors, aims to establish a sustainable and interconnected community while minimizing reliance on traditional road infrastructure. Flying taxis, operated by the German company Volocopter, will be integral to this transportation system, providing efficient and eco-friendly mobility. Powered by 100% renewable energy from solar and wind sources, these aircraft align with Saudi Arabia’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

The application of flying taxis extends beyond Neom to historic tourist sites like AlUla and facilitates the transportation of Hajj and Umrah pilgrims. Introducing air taxis not only improves the speed and quality of pilgrims’ transfers but also underscores the broader vision of embracing advanced air mobility for a cleaner future.

Through collaboration with the French firm Setec Group, Saudi Arabia demonstrates a comprehensive commitment to sustainable urban air mobility. This strategic partnership reinforces the kingdom’s dedication to environmental responsibility, aligning with Vision 2030 goals, including the aspiration to achieve net-zero emissions by 2060.

The successful testing of flying taxis represents a pivotal step towards realizing these innovative transportation solutions. As Saudi Arabia embraces advanced air mobility, the integration of flying taxis signifies a paradigm shift in transportation, contributing to a cleaner, more connected, and sustainable future for the kingdom.

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