Punjab bans Qingqi rickshaws, owners given 30 days to comply

The interim provincial administration in Punjab has implemented a stringent prohibition on Qingqi rickshaws, extending to the city of Lahore.

Ibrahim Hassan Murad, the Caretaker Provincial Minister overseeing Transport, Livestock, and Mines & Minerals, has declared a 30-day notice period for owners of these rickshaws.

Upon the expiration of this warning phase, the government plans to launch a crackdown, targeting not only the use of Qingqi rickshaws but also clamping down on the illicit manufacturing of motorcycle and loader rickshaws.

Furthermore, the ban will encompass all rickshaws operating in major cities that lack official approval from the transport department.

The government aims to broaden the enforcement of these measures to encompass smaller towns and rural regions in the subsequent phase. Chief Secretary Punjab, Zahid Akhtar Zaman, had previously announced a ban on the production and sale of new Qingqi rickshaws due to environmental pollution concerns.

Additionally, the Caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab had declared a 30-day window for free registration of Qingqi rickshaws.

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