Another PIA employee has disappeared in Canada

The frequent disappearances of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight attendants in Canada have sparked significant apprehensions regarding the airline’s standing and functionality. The recent case of Junaid Qureshi joining the ranks of missing crew members, alongside Khalid Afridi and Fida Shah, has heightened concerns. While PIA’s prompt suspension of Qureshi and cooperation with Canadian authorities reflects a proactive stance, the persistent occurrences may invite heightened scrutiny.

With eight employees reportedly missing in North America within the last two years, PIA confronts potential reputational hazards. The airline’s response involves the implementation of stringent policies, such as introducing an age limit for cabin crew, aimed at tackling the issue. However, the challenge extends beyond internal measures, as these incidents might prompt Canadian authorities to contemplate imposing restrictions on the airline. This potential fallout could exacerbate existing problems for PIA, including a fuel crisis and the suspension of flights to the UK and Europe.

In order to preserve its reputation and sustain global operations, PIA must devise comprehensive solutions addressing the underlying causes of these disappearances. Collaborating timely and transparently with Canadian authorities, in tandem with internal reforms, becomes imperative to mitigate the risks associated with these recurring incidents and uphold the airline’s standing in the global aviation industry.

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