Nine beggars were taken off a flight to Saudi Arabia at Multan Airport

On Sunday, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) took decisive action to intercept nine individuals suspected of posing as Umrah pilgrims but believed to be beggars from Multan. Their attempt to board a flight to Saudi Arabia was thwarted by FIA officials at Multan International Airport.

The group, comprising six women and two men, allegedly misrepresented their true intentions and concealed hotel reservations in Saudi Arabia. Following their apprehension, the FIA transferred the individuals to its anti-human trafficking unit for a comprehensive investigation.

The anti-human trafficking unit is expected to delve into the circumstances surrounding their endeavor to travel under false pretenses, seeking to uncover any potential involvement in human trafficking or other illegal activities.

The FIA spokesperson underscored the increased scrutiny of passengers, especially during journeys associated with religious pilgrimages such as Umrah, aiming to prevent groups attempting to engage in begging activities. This highlights the crucial role of vigilance and stringent enforcement measures in ensuring the integrity of travel processes and preventing exploitation or illicit activities.

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