PTCL Group Implements 6-Month Maternity and 1-Month Paternity Leave Policy

PTCL Group, Pakistan’s foremost telecommunications and ICT services provider, has taken a significant stride towards enhancing its organizational culture through employee-friendly initiatives. The company has now enacted a policy offering 6 months of fully paid maternity leave, alongside 30 days of fully paid paternity leave.

These progressive policies are designed to bolster both new mothers and fathers in nurturing and bonding with their newborns. Paternity leave can be taken in a staggered manner during the first year after childbirth, providing employees with adaptable scheduling options.

Shoaib Baig, the Group Chief People Officer, expressed enthusiasm about these changes, aligning PTCL with the forefront of employers in Pakistan. These policies are part of the company’s dedication to fostering inclusivity, embodied in its cultural transformation journey, ‘#TayyarHo,’ which encompasses all aspects of employees’ lives, transcending the workplace.

PTCL Group has introduced an array of ‘Family Friendly’ measures, guidelines, and benefits, underscoring its commitment to becoming a preferred employer that prioritizes employee well-being and work-life equilibrium. These forward-looking measures reflect PTCL’s steadfast focus on nurturing a supportive and inclusive environment for its workforce.

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