Prime Minister approves Starklink launch plan in Pakistan

Dr. Umar Saif, the Minister for Information Technology, has unveiled an ambitious roadmap for Pakistan’s burgeoning tech sector. Among the significant developments is the green light for the introduction of Starlink services in Pakistan, provided by Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Starlink’s mission is to provide high-speed and readily accessible internet connectivity on a global scale.

Dr. Saif has also articulated a multifaceted agenda for the ministry, encompassing streamlining funding processes, tackling tax-related challenges, enhancing the training of IT professionals, facilitating the integration of global payment platforms like PayPal and Stripe into Pakistan’s ecosystem, establishing collaborative workspaces, attracting foreign investors, and laying the groundwork for a 5G spectrum auction.

These visionary plans have ignited enthusiasm within Pakistan’s tech community. However, it is evident that the realization of these objectives will necessitate meticulous planning, unwavering commitment, and concerted efforts due to their substantial scope and intricacy.

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