Pakistani boxer Agha Kaleem wins a title at the World Muaythai Boxing Championship

Pakistani boxer Agha Kaleem secured a notable triumph on Monday, clinching the title in the Light Fly Weight category at the World Muaythai Boxing Championship held in Bangkok, Thailand.

Hailing from Karachi and aged 23, Kaleem competed in the Senior Amateur 51-kilogram division. In a statement issued on Friday, he emphasized that his participation was not only in representation of Pakistan but also in solidarity with Palestine. The World Muaythai Championships stand as a prestigious annual event for Muaythai, or Thai boxing, organized by the International Federation of Muaythai Associations, recognized as one of the highest levels of competition in the sport globally.

Reflecting on this year’s championship, Kaleem highlighted the competitive landscape, noting the participation of skilled fighters from over 40 countries. “I faced a tough bout against a highly skilled boxer from Kazakhstan, a three-time World and two-time Asian Champion,” Kaleem recalled. “Initially slated to fight an opponent from India, who withdrew, I proceeded directly to the final round where I encountered formidable opposition and emerged victorious.”

Prior to entering the competition, Kaleem took to social media to affirm his representation of both Pakistan and Palestine in the championship. A video accompanying his announcement captured him proudly waving the flags of both nations during the tournament’s opening ceremony.

Kaleem’s outstanding achievement not only brings honor to Pakistan but also amplifies his support for Palestine on an international stage. His dedication, prowess, and triumph serve as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring athletes and boxing enthusiasts throughout the region.

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