Pakistan will have scattered rains this week

The weather outlook for Pakistan in the upcoming days indicates the approach of a mild weather system from the west, ushering in rain and thunderstorms across different regions. As per the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), the next couple of days will feature partly cloudy skies with rainfall predicted in select areas. Specifically, Balochistan, Kashmir, and nearby mountainous regions are expected to encounter rain, gusty winds, and thunderstorms. Coastal areas like Makran, Kashmir, and surrounding hilly areas may also witness rainfall and thunderstorm activity.

Furthermore, the northern regions of Pakistan are anticipated to face notably cold temperatures amidst these weather conditions. In the last 24 hours, most parts of the country experienced chilly weather with intermittent clouds, while some southern Balochistan areas received rainfall. Certain areas recorded significant rainfall, signaling the potential for localized flooding or water accumulation. Today’s lowest temperatures were particularly brisk in locales such as Leh, Skardu, and Kalam, indicating the deepening cold snap in the northern regions. These circumstances suggest the onset of winter’s grasp on Pakistan, with varying impacts expected across the nation due to the convergence of weather systems.

Residents and authorities are advised to maintain vigilance, especially in flood-prone or landslide-prone areas, and undertake necessary precautions to mitigate any adverse effects of the unsettled weather. Additionally, travelers should stay abreast of weather forecasts and exercise caution while traversing through affected regions. Overall, the projected weather patterns underscore the significance of readiness and adaptability in response to evolving climatic conditions.

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