Pakistan to Start Exporting SUVs and Other Vehicles

The Ministry of Industries and Production has announced that Pakistan will soon begin exporting SUVs and other cars.

In the initial phase, 50 locally manufactured Toyota Indus SUVs will be sent abroad. Following this, the second phase will involve exporting the Toyota Indus Hybrid Corolla Cross.

Additionally, 100 Pakistani mechanical engineers have been sent to Japan for training. Their skills have been acknowledged and appreciated in Japan. On June 4, the federal government considered raising regulatory duties on used imported vehicles in the upcoming budget. This potential increase will affect vehicles over 1800cc, and new duties may be applied to other categories of vehicles.

This move to start exporting locally manufactured vehicles marks a significant step for Pakistan’s automotive industry, aiming to establish a presence in the international market. The export of SUVs and hybrid cars showcases the country’s growing capabilities in car manufacturing.

Meanwhile, the training of engineers in Japan indicates a focus on enhancing technical expertise and ensuring high-quality production standards. The government’s consideration of increasing duties on imported vehicles also suggests an effort to promote local manufacturing and reduce reliance on foreign cars.

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