Pakistan cuts medicine prices by 55 to 65%

The recent directive issued by the Caretaker Federal Minister of Health to slash the prices of essential medicines used in Intensive Care Units (ICUs) marks a significant stride in improving the accessibility and affordability of crucial healthcare in Pakistan. This decision, endorsed by the federal cabinet, specifically targets colistimethate sodium, a critical medication for treating certain infections.

The commendable reduction of 55 to 65 percent in the price of colistimethate sodium across Pakistan directly addresses the financial strain on patients requiring intensive care. Notably, the lowered cost of medical injections, particularly for 1 million units, dropping from Rs 2,987 to Rs 1,036, signifies a tangible improvement in the affordability of life-saving treatments. This reduction extends to injections with 2 million and 3 million units, highlighting a commitment to making essential medicines more accessible across various levels of care.

While celebrating this positive development, it’s crucial to acknowledge the ongoing efforts of the health ministry in combatting the proliferation of fake and unregistered medicines. This dedication underscores the government’s commitment to ensuring the safety and efficacy of medications in circulation. Simultaneously addressing this issue aims to foster an environment where patients can trust the authenticity of the medicines they receive, thereby enhancing the overall quality of healthcare delivery.

The decision to lower the prices of critical ICU medicines in Pakistan represents a pivotal step towards enhancing healthcare accessibility. The reduced cost of colistimethate sodium demonstrates a proactive approach to alleviate financial burdens on patients, and the continuous efforts to eliminate counterfeit medications showcase a comprehensive strategy to safeguard public health. This initiative aligns with the broader goal of promoting equitable and affordable healthcare for all citizens.

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