PML-N election efforts gain momentum as Nawaz Sharif joins the campaign

After the PML-N initiated its election campaign in Okara earlier this week, party supreme leader Nawaz Sharif made his inaugural appearance on the campaign trail on Thursday, pledging to rejuvenate Pakistan and restore its self-sufficiency.

Speaking at a public gathering in Hafizabad, where he arrived via helicopter from Lahore, the former prime minister stated that his mission was to revive the economy and eradicate unemployment. He asserted, “If I had not been removed, not a single person in Hafizabad would be unemployed.” Nawaz Sharif contended that, had he remained in power, the country would not be facing its current challenges. He envisioned a scenario where the dollar would be at Rs100, roti (bread) would cost Rs4, and Pakistan would hold a respected position globally. The PML-N leader reiterated the party’s achievements in eliminating terrorism, resolving the energy crisis, and ending load-shedding during its tenure.

Nawaz Sharif highlighted his contributions to building motorways across the country and lamented that, had he not been ousted, a motorway would have passed through Hafizabad city. He assured the audience that there would be no disparity between Lahore and Hafizabad if the PML-N regained power, promising to reciprocate the love expressed by the people of Hafizabad with a substantial development package and additional facilities.

Reflecting on his previous terms, Sharif claimed that, despite being ousted from power three times, had he completed his terms, Pakistan would be prosperous, and its green passport would command respect globally. He criticized the ‘five judges’ who removed him from power, emphasizing that a prime minister elected by 250 million people was ousted by a mere five judges over not taking a salary from his son.

Following Sharif’s speech, Maryam Nawaz addressed the gathering, pledging to provide up to 200 free electricity units and distribute solar panels. She asserted that Nawaz Sharif was devising strategies to bring relief to the people. Maryam also criticized Imran Khan without explicitly naming him, claiming that those involved in the May 9 protests had damaged the country, unlike Nawaz Sharif, who distributed laptops to the youth. She alleged that Imran Khan provided “petrol bombs” to the youth to attack the country’s property and security installations, contrasting their treatment with the purported privileged status of Imran’s sons living in London.

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