UN Chief offers assistance to ease tensions between Iran and Pakistan

UNITED NATIONS: On Thursday, UN Secretary-General António Guterres expressed profound concern regarding the prevailing tensions between Pakistan and Iran. He urged both nations to de-escalate and extended his good offices to assist in peacefully resolving all their issues.

Stéphane Dujarric, the Secretary-General’s Spokesperson, addressed the issue, stating, “He is very concerned about this escalation, about the exchange of fire, rockets, between Iran and Pakistan. We have seen reports of casualties on both sides.” When questioned about the Secretary-General’s level of concern, Dujarric emphasized the need for maximum restraint from both sides to prevent further escalation.

Highlighting the imperative to avoid escalation, Mr. Dujarric stressed, “Any security issues, any concerns between Iran and Pakistan must be addressed through peaceful means, through dialogue, through cooperation, and again, in accordance with the principles of sovereignty, national integrity, and good neighborly relations.”

Russia, Turkey, and the EU also called for restraint:

  • Mr. Dujarric revealed that the Secretary-General spoke with the Iranian foreign minister and may meet at the UN headquarters in New York on Tuesday to discuss this issue among others.
  • The European Union expressed deep worry over the “spiral of violence in the Middle East and beyond” and considered the attacks in Pakistan, Iraq, and Iran a violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity with destabilizing effects on the region.
  • India maintained a neutral stance, emphasizing it as a matter between Iran and Pakistan while reiterating its zero-tolerance position towards terrorism.
  • The Taliban foreign ministry urged diplomatic resolution of disputes between Iran and Pakistan.
  • Russia called for maximum restraint, emphasizing the need to solve differences through diplomacy to prevent the region from descending into chaos.
  • Turkey, with traditionally good relations with both Iran and Pakistan, appealed for peace and sanity, recommending that both sides refrain from further escalation, and calm be restored as soon as possible.

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