Nvidia’s worth surpasses $2 trillion

Nvidia, a prominent computer chip manufacturer, has made history by surpassing a market value of over $2 trillion for the first time. This milestone signifies that the combined value of all its shares exceeds $2 trillion. The company’s shares have experienced a remarkable surge, rising by more than 70% since the beginning of the year.

One contributing factor to this success is Dell, another major corporation, announcing substantial profits from the sale of servers utilizing Nvidia’s chips. These servers are particularly adept at handling tasks related to artificial intelligence (AI). Market observers had anticipated Nvidia’s ascent to the $2 trillion mark, considering its recent performance. This accomplishment is significant as it reflects the overall strength of the stock market. Additionally, a recent development saw an exchange-traded fund (ETF) collectively valued at $500 billion.

Despite Nvidia’s past successes, there are concerns about its ability to sustain such high performance in the future. Challenges may arise as the company contends with potential slowdowns in revenue growth.

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