New Religious Corridor Proposed on Pakistan-India Border in Sindh, Similar to Kartarpur

The Sindh government is considering the establishment of a religious corridor akin to Kartarpur for Hindu and Jain devotees near the Pakistan-India border.

Provincial Minister for Tourism Zulfiqar Ali Shah has proposed the creation of this corridor in Nagarparkar and Umarkot, areas rich in significant religious sites, including historical Jain temples and the Shri Shiv Mandir.

To facilitate religious tourism, Shah suggested the introduction of weekly flights from India to Sukkur or Larkana, thereby simplifying the journey for Indian devotees to visit these sacred places in Pakistan. The Kartarpur Corridor, inaugurated in 2019, serves as an inspiration for this new endeavor, enabling Sikh pilgrims to access the Gurdwara Darbar Sahib in Pakistan without requiring a visa, marking a significant stride in India-Pakistan relations.

By establishing a comparable corridor for Hindu and Jain pilgrims, the Sindh government aims to promote religious tourism and bolster cultural ties between the two nations. Such an initiative could streamline access to important religious sites, fostering deeper understanding and cooperation between India and Pakistan.

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