McDonald’s has started using e-bikes for delivering their food orders.

VLEKTRA has teamed up with McDonald’s to introduce a new eco-friendly delivery service using e-bikes, aimed at reducing McDonald’s Pakistan’s carbon footprint when delivering orders to customers.

VLEKTRA and McDonald’s Pakistan announced their partnership through an Instagram post, stating, “With the help of V.lektra, we will soon be delivering you happiness in an eco-friendly way.” The post included an image with the word “Contract” and a green checkmark emoji.

The collaboration is a step towards promoting eco-friendliness and reducing the carbon footprint of McDonald’s Pakistan. The fast-food chain is looking to switch to e-bikes for their delivery services, aligning with their goal of promoting sustainability.

VLEKTRA is a Pakistani electric motorcycle brand that produces lithium-ion-based electric bikes, offering three different bike models to the public. This partnership between VLEKTRA and McDonald’s Pakistan is a commendable effort to encourage sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the country’s fast-food industry.

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