Makkah Mountains turn green after consistent rainfall

The mountains in and around the sacred city of Makkah in Saudi Arabia have transformed into lush greenery following weeks of substantial rain and recent flash floods, as reported by the Saudi Press Agency. A video clip showcasing the impact of the abundant rainfall was shared on Twitter last Thursday.

In December of the previous year, the Gulf country experienced heavy showers that resulted in severe flooding in Mecca and other regions. However, in the subsequent weeks, the once arid landscape, particularly in the western areas, has undergone a remarkable change, turning green due to the surplus water.

Striking photographs capture camels grazing on fresh grass, and previously barren bushes now display vibrant colors. The flourishing vegetation has become visible even from NASA satellites in space.

Local residents have taken to social media to share pictures, with some interpreting the verdant landscape as a fulfillment of a Muslim prophecy that states, “The Last Hour will not come till the land of Arabia reverts to meadows and rivers.” Nonetheless, others have noted that the Saudi Arabian desert has experienced episodes of plant growth on several occasions in the past.

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