Last month, Karachi witnessed a staggering number of over 7,000 reported incidents of street crime

A recent report released by the Citizens Police Lines Committee (CPLC) has raised serious concerns about the surge in street crimes witnessed in Karachi during the month of June. According to the report, a total of 7,096 street crime incidents were reported, indicating a distressing situation for public safety in the city.

The report specifically highlights the alarming trend of motorcycle thefts at gunpoint, with 4,125 individuals falling victim to such crimes across various areas of Karachi. Additionally, the report reveals a significant number of cell phone thefts, with 2,179 cases reported during street crime incidents. These figures emphasize the high demand and value of mobile devices in the illicit market.

Furthermore, the report documents incidents of vehicle theft (158 cases) and vehicle snatching (34 cases). These crimes not only result in financial losses but also disrupt the daily lives of victims and instill a sense of insecurity within the community.

These findings underscore the immediate necessity for heightened security measures and stronger law enforcement efforts in Karachi. Collaborative initiatives between law enforcement agencies, community organizations, and citizens are vital to effectively address this escalating issue and restore safety to the streets of Karachi.

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