Karachi Woman Resists Robbers, Prevents Theft

A courageous woman thwarted a robbery attempt on Rashid Minhas Road in Karachi. She bravely seized the robber’s firearm while her son intervened by kicking the would-be thief.

Media reports recount the incident where two individuals on motorcycles attempted to rob a family. In the heat of the moment, the woman managed to wrest the robber’s gun from his grasp, while her son actively deterred the criminal by physically engaging him.

Following this, vigilant citizens apprehended and subjected the would-be robber to physical confrontation. A video depicting this citizen-led intervention against the robber surfaced, ultimately leading to the handover of the apprehended criminal to the police.

As per media sources, witnesses have reported that weapons were also recovered from the apprehended suspect, although the other assailant managed to escape from the scene.

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