Mayor Karachi Murtaza Wahab inaugurated a factory making manhole lids

The Karachi Water Corporation has taken a significant step by establishing its own factory dedicated to the production of sewer lids. In a momentous ceremony, Mayor Murtaza Wahab had the honor of inaugurating this state-of-the-art lid manufacturing facility.

During the inauguration event, Mayor Wahab highlighted how the previous process of manufacturing sewer lids was both time-consuming and cumbersome. However, this newly established factory is poised to revolutionize the entire lid production process.

Mayor Wahab went on to reveal that this factory will have the capacity to produce approximately 400 sewer lids daily, which will be supplied to local government authorities. In the current market, sewer covers are procured at a cost of 3500 rupees and typically weigh around 10 kg. In contrast, this factory will manufacture sewer covers weighing 30 kg, thus setting a significantly higher standard for durability and reliability.

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