Karachi Faces ‘Urban Flooding’ Risk Due to Cyclone Biparjoy : Warning from Minister

In a statement made on Tuesday, Climate Change Minister Sherry Rehman highlighted the anticipated risk of urban flooding in Karachi as Cyclone Biparjoy approaches. Acknowledging the magnitude and strength of the winds associated with the cyclone, she emphasized the need for preparedness in Pakistan’s coastal districts.

Taking to Twitter, the senator urged the public to heed the advisories issued by pdmasindhpk and PDMABalochistan for the coastal areas, emphasizing the importance of careful consideration without causing unnecessary panic. She further stated that while the intensity of the cyclone has slightly diminished on the Balochistan side, it remains highly unpredictable, warranting serious attention.

Rehman noted that the cyclone’s intensity may vary but cautioned that vigilance is crucial, particularly along the Sindh coast. Anticipating urban flooding in Karachi due to the scale and intensity of the winds, precautionary evacuations have already commenced in Seaview areas. She assured the public that updates will be provided to keep them informed about the situation.

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