Full Restoration of Bykea App Following Successful Resolution of Hacking Incident

The widely utilized Bykea App recently fell victim to a hacking incident, during which users received inappropriate messages containing offensive language. Alarmed by the situation, users took to Twitter to bring attention to the incident and urge Bykea to take swift action.

Responding promptly, the company acknowledged the incident through a tweet, offering sincere apologies to affected users. They assured the public that the app has been fully restored and is now safe to use. Additionally, Bykea confirmed that the breach was a result of third-party interference.

Rafiq Malik, the Chief Operating Officer of Bykea, addressed the issue and assured users that a thorough investigation is underway to identify the culprit and determine how they gained access to the app’s API. Malik also encouraged users who continue to experience any issues to contact the Bykea helpline for assistance.

Bykea has taken the necessary steps to rectify the situation, restoring the app’s functionality and expressing their commitment to maintaining a secure and reliable platform for their valued users.

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