“Ishaq Dar stated that he will accept whatever decision the leadership makes regarding the Caretaker Prime Minister”

The rupee’s current value against the dollar stands at 244 rupees, and I am deeply concerned about its depreciation. In a recent interview with Talat on ‘Red Line,’ Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar emphasized that the Election Commission is responsible for ensuring clean and transparent elections. As the caretaker prime minister, he stated that he would accept whatever decision the leadership makes, although discussions about the future setup have not yet begun.

During the interview, Ishaq Dar clarified that he had not made any statements regarding the caretaker prime minister before and criticized the unnecessary reactions to fabricated news. He expressed surprise at the assumptions made by some quarters about the PDM and coalition leading the caretaker government, as no consultations on this matter have taken place yet.

He also discussed the challenges Pakistan is facing and highlighted that governance cannot be paralyzed for 3-4 months during the caretaker government. The dissolution of 2 assemblies would lead to additional expenses, and he suggested extending the caretaker government’s term to 90 days instead of 60.

Ishaq Dar stressed the importance of clean and transparent elections, a responsibility he believes lies with the Election Commission. He pointed out that the depreciation of the rupee began during the previous government, which raised significant loans amounting to 20 billion dollars.

Regarding the political landscape, he mentioned that Nawaz Sharif will return to participate in the elections and will seek the Prime Ministership for the fourth time. He advised Shehbaz Sharif to join Nawaz Sharif’s team at the center. However, he deemed it premature to speculate about Hamza or Maryam in Punjab, expressing that there is no need for revenge despite being targeted for five years.

Ishaq Dar attributed the economic disaster to both the PTI government and those who brought it to power. He highlighted that Pakistan became the 24th largest economy under Nawaz Sharif’s leadership and stated that the country needs him once again.

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