Fakhar Zaman has started a cricket academy in Melbourne, Australia

Fakhar Zaman has taken a significant stride in his professional journey by inaugurating a cricket academy in Melbourne, Australia. The event witnessed a large turnout of enthusiastic children who actively interacted with Fakhar, capturing moments and engaging in discussions.

Following the completion of Pakistan’s tour of New Zealand, Fakhar Zaman expanded his cricket endeavors to Australia with the objective of establishing an academy dedicated to imparting fundamental skills to aspiring players. Additionally, he envisions collaboration with cricket academies in Australia, Dubai, and Pakistan to contribute to team preparation.

During the inauguration, Fakhar addressed the media, underscoring the academy’s inclusive ethos, stressing that there is no age restriction for those interested in joining. He also unveiled plans for reciprocal tours between teams from Australia, Dubai, and Pakistan, fostering a global exchange of cricketing experiences.

Fakhar Zaman provided insights into the existing infrastructure, highlighting the presence of two academies in Pakistan with ongoing efforts to establish another. He revealed the initiation of a scholarship program at the academy, welcoming numerous players into its ranks. Reflecting on his own cricketing challenges, Fakhar expressed a determination to ease the path for aspiring cricketers.

Notably, Fakhar Zaman had previously established an academy in his hometown, Mardan, a development he disclosed in 2017 after assisting the Pakistan cricket team in securing the Champions Trophy title. Despite a recent setback in the five-match T20I series in New Zealand, where Pakistan faced a 4-1 defeat, Fakhar remains unwavering in his commitment to the sport. He is dedicated to nurturing cricket talent through his academies.

Fakhar Zaman’s venture in Melbourne signifies a new chapter in his career, where he aims to share his cricketing expertise, provide opportunities through scholarships, and facilitate a global exchange of cricketing knowledge for players of all ages.

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