Apple’s electric vehicle is scheduled to launch in 2028

Reportedly, Apple has decided to delay the launch of its eagerly awaited electric vehicle (EV) under Project Titan, pushing the timeline from 2026 to 2028. Alongside this postponement, there are indications that Apple is trimming down its initial plans for advanced self-driving features.

Originally targeting a “level four” autonomous driving system, capable of handling most driving conditions without human intervention, Apple’s revised strategy now centers on incorporating “level two” autonomy. This level is akin to Tesla’s Autopilot, enabling the vehicle to perform specific maneuvers autonomously while still requiring the driver to retain control.

The decision to adopt a more cautious approach to autonomous driving marks a significant moment for Apple. The company’s board is anticipated to assess the options, deciding whether to intensify efforts to fulfill the original ambitions or potentially discontinue the Project Titan EV altogether.

This strategic shift underscores the formidable challenges and complexities associated with developing advanced autonomous driving technologies for mass-market vehicles.

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