Dubai plans a 1200-mile underwater train to India at 1000 km/hr

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is embarking on an ambitious endeavor to construct an underwater train connecting Dubai to Mumbai, India, spanning an impressive distance of 1,200 miles (2,000 km). This visionary project seeks to establish a unique transportation link between the two cities, facilitating the movement of people and a variety of commodities, including water and oil.

Originally introduced as a concept in 2018, the Dubai to Mumbai underwater train initiative has now evolved beyond mere conjecture. The UAE’s National Advisor Bureau is actively formulating a practical blueprint for the railway and developing the precise train model essential for this pioneering venture.

While the UAE and India maintain a robust bilateral relationship, there may be additional motivations behind Dubai’s interest in this underwater train project. Saudi Arabia has emerged as a formidable regional competitor, spearheading ambitious initiatives supported by substantial funding.

A prominent example is NEOM, an expansive undertaking encompassing the extravagant LINE project, with the vision of constructing a sprawling city spanning from the desert to the sea. This endeavor is characterized by its formidable ambition and considerable cost, with the entire NEOM project anticipated to reach a staggering $1 trillion, of which the LINE segment accounts for $500 billion.

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